Marvel Comics: The Poster Collection

Marvel Poster

Marvel has been around for 75 years, and this year it’s their 75th anniversary. What a better way to celebrate than to have a collection of their famous comic book covers turned into posters. With this book you get just that; most of Marvel’s famous covers from Spider-Man’s debut to the Death of the Phoenix.

This book is just focused on the Silver Age issues of Marvel comics, but don’t let that deter you from buying it. Many of the great comics we know now started then, like Spider-Man, X-Men, and the Hulk just to name a few.

The Good

The quality of this book and its posters are top notch; it is not flimsy and is made of high quality paper. The cover of this poster book acts like a dust jacket to protect the book. Each poster is glued instead of having serrated edges for easy tear-away. In some cases it got stuck and ended up bending some posters and tearing a small piece on others. So just be careful on how much pressure you’re using to tear the posters out.

The Bad

Unfortunately, there was a downside. If you are going to buy this I suggest buying it at a store because when we received our copy it was damaged. All of the posters had bent corners and some were bad beyond my liking. I am one of those that frame posters instead of taping or pinning them to the wall. I just wished they packaged it with more care. Also, the posters are back to back, so if you like two posters and they happen to be back to back, you will need to choose one over the other.

This would make a great gift for comic book fans and poster fans alike, but just make sure that you buy it at a store and get a good copy.

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