The Final Fantasy XV trailer we’ve all been waiting for


8 years ago, Square-Enix unveiled Final Fantasy XIII Versus, a spin-off title of FFXIII has been compared to the likes of Duke Nukem Forever after being repeatedly scrapped and delayed on multiple occasions.

It was only at this year’s E3 that the game was rebranded as the fifteenth installment in the main series with some great looking visuals. Now at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Square-Enix has finally released this beautiful trailer of the game in full combat mode. The new Luminous engine is certainly the star of the trailer showing off impressive realistic lighting and textures that would’ve had me fooled for pre-rendered cutscenes!

Unfortunately, the end of the trailer doesn’t announce when the game will finally drop. It’s nice to finally see where those past eight years have been going to. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another 8 years.

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