Grootorial: Make your own crochet potted baby Groot

dancing baby crochet groot gif


While you are patiently waiting for your Dancing Baby Groot toy to arrive at your doorstep, this cutesy DIY crochet puppet should hold you over.

San Francisco-based crochet designer Twinkie Chan wrote up a free crochet “GROOTORIAL” for the beloved, goofy Guardian for all of you aspiring knitters and yarn weavers over at her blog. If the 202 comments on the article is any indication, it’s quite the popular pattern (obviously), and she seems to be very responsive to any questions the readers may have.

knitted baby groot

No time to knit? Have shaky fingers? While she’s not selling the Groot a la crochet (understandably so, as Marvel/Disney can be quite persnickety on licensing), I am NOT suggesting that you DON’T pay a friendly, local crocheter to NOT produce this for you.

Not at all.

But look at how cute this is!!!

crochet baby groot


crochet baby groot


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