The most expensive PS4 and Xbox One ever are on sale now

gold-PS4-at-Games14_3Have you ever looked at your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One and wondered, “Why isn’t this thing made out of gold?!” Wait? You weren’t thinking that? Well it looks like someone thought of it and had it done anyway. This week Games14 is being held in the Middle East, which is basically just like E3, where game companies show off video games and accessories.

This year, however, one company has decided that the new-gen consoles needed a makeover. No, this isn’t a new bundle from Sony or Microsoft with a different color console and matching controllers; this special edition includes “rose gold” as a high-end material used for the cases for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The cases were created by Italian jeweler Gatti, and you can purchase your very own for the cost of a small car, $13,700 USD. You know, that’s like chump change that you left in your spare wallet somewhere.

gold-Xbox-console-at-Games14_2For that price, the cases aren’t just in rose gold but have “exquisite detailing,” as you can see in the pictures above.

What do you think? If you had that much money to burn would you buy a gold-covered PS4 or Xbox One? Or are you holding out for the platinum versions? (That’s a joke…I hope.) The one thing that isn’t mentioned is whether you will get matching gold controllers or maybe an upgraded hard drive, at least for the PlayStation 4. I would imagine that for that much money, you would have the choice of a 1TB SSD or maybe 2TB HDD.

Source: Emirates247

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