‘Lassoh’ promises a social media app without privacy concerns


Recently the internet has been abuzz with the news that Facebook was forcing mobile users to download its new ‘messenger’ app to view and respond to Facebook messages. Having to download another app entirely aside, the permissions the app was asking for felt incredibly invasive to a large percentage of folks.

Not only did it ask for uninterrupted access to read and edit your text messages, it also asked to take your daughter to prom and kick your dog (okay, that last part may be made up).

People were caught in a truly 21st┬ácentury dilemma. Do they download the app and submit to Facebook’s demands or do they risk not being able to contact their social network?

A Toronto-based dev team has claimed to having a solution. Lassoh markets itself as a social media app void of targeted advertising where users can opt-in to receive posts in their area. Jason Kim, CEO of Lassoh Inc., described the issues facing most Social media users :

“People want to interact and create content in geo-social contexts but at the same time, they are concerned about the implications such interactions may have for their privacy and personal safety. This is often referred to as the geo-social paradox.”

To help with the creation of the the app, Lassoh has also started an Indiegogo campaign. The campaign is currently sitting at 2% funding with just under a month to go. Depending on your contribution level, the company is offering a permanent registration of a username which could be used for marketing your business as well as personal browsing.


While the UI is relatively attractive to the eye, it will be interesting to see how the privacy features, namely the ‘Saloon’ function which controls your communications, will work. Will users be able to easily change privacy settings on the fly, or will you be locked in from installation? Will the app be popular enough to grow its fanbase and rival titans such as Facebook and Google+? We know that the app’s intentions are noble, whether they’re feasible is another issue entirely.

Check out their launch video below!

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