New Fate/Stay Night series premieres on the big screen in seven locations


Fate/stay Night fans may be happy to know that the new Unlimited Blade Works anime adaptation from Ufotable will be premiering in theater screenings across seven cities on September 28th. Three of them will be held in Japan’s Tokyo, Osaka and Tokushima. The remaining international premieres will be held in Los Angeles, California; Paris, France; Nuremberg, Germany; and Seoul, Korea.

The Los Angeles screening will be held at the Downtown Independent. While there’s no word on how many episodes they will plan on screening in advance, usually they will screen the first three episodes of the series. The new series will premiere on streaming websites Hulu and Crunchyroll on October 4th.

The series is based on the Unlimited Blade Works story from on the original visual novel game made by TYPE-MOON. The series was previously adapted into an anime by Studio Deen in 2006. It was again made into a animated film by the same studio in 2010.

Source: Official website (via ANN)

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