Arrow producer responds to Liam Neeson wanting to be Ra’s al Ghul


Before the announcement of Matt Nable (Riddick) as Ra’s al Ghul in The CW’s Arrow, Liam Neeson said that he would be down to play the villain again on the TV show.

When choosing the actor to portray the leader of the League of Assassins, executive producer and writer Greg Berlanti told Comic Book Resources that it’s all about “Performance, performance, performance.”

“You know, I think we have a great history that we enjoy with the show, and when you have a character like that, the character is the name [value]. We just look for who feels the best for what we imagine in our head, and we knew we wanted someone who felt very different than Slade Wilson felt, because that was sort of a two-year build up. We had a whole different kind of vibe that we wanted, and Matt Nable is that. I can’t wait for people to see him do it.”

As for Berlanti’s reaction to Neeson:

“I heard it! You know, I think he’s very gracious to make that comment, but we were really blessed to find our Ra’s al Ghul.”

I thought Nable did a fine job in Riddick. He was able to play a tough yet compassionate character. Will we see this in Ra’s al Gul in Arrow?

Source: CBR

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