San Diego Comic Fest coming this October


Remember the days of old when comic conventions were a haven for nerdom? Where you could go to wear your nerdom proudly, and live in a world of like-minded people? Some of this has been lost along the way with commercialization and major money put into events like San Diego Comic-Con, but there are still a few places you can go to get the old feeling again.

San Diego Comic Fest promises to be just one of those places. It’s got a casual atmosphere and includes things you’d love at a comic convention: panels, artist alley, comics, and more, but without the immense crowd and waiting that has become the legend of Comic-Con. San Diego Comic Fest totes that its by the fans for the fans. And it may just be the speed you need in a crowded con season.

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This October comes the soft opening of San Diego Comic Fest. On October 17th through 19th you can experience what I can only imagine San Diego Comic-Con used to be. While guests are being added daily, some already announced guest include Neal Adams, Jon Schnepp, Andre the Black Nerd and more!

When asked what makes Comic Fest so lovable, Cullen Sweet stated:
1) We are a non-profit all volunteer group. That means we don’t get paid for this (not even a base salary) and are putting this event together strictly because we love comics. In short, we aren’t out to make a buck. Which means our guests will never get gouged on pricing for ANYTHING.
2) Because we aren’t doing this for money, we take our profits and put it back into our convention and actually cover some of your costs. In doing so, hotel accommodations are less expensive than the hotels standard rate, and even something as basic as food and drinks are inexpensive. We want our guests to enjoy the con and not feel like they have to drive off site in order to save a couple of bucks on a burger and coke.
3) We ask that our venders not sell comics you can buy on the rack currently. You don’t need a convention for that. Instead we make sure that all of our venders bring their A-material by only stocking hard to find back issues and collectables. Best of all, since they don’t have to compete with hundreds of other venders like most conventions, they are happy to give you a great deal since they still make more money at our little event then all of Comic Con Internationals shows combined.
4) By having a small convention our guests are given the ability to not only listen to panels and ask questions to amazing guests like Neal Adams, they can actually sit and share a cup of coffee with the man at our themed cafe after the fact as well.
5) Because our event is at a hotel, you are free to enjoy the surrounding grounds. Unlike SDCC, no security guards are going to tell you where you can and can not sit. Instead we invite you to enjoy our surroundings by buying that hard to find back issue and reading it by the pool.

Located in the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center in San Diego, tickets are now on sale for the event through With the price hike of Comic-Con, $50 for a whole weekend sounds just about as awesome as you can get. More information on programming and guests will be coming in, so keep a watch out for that here and on the event page.


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