Interview with Assassin’s Creed voice actors Cas Anvar and Amber Goldfarb

assassin's creed revelations altair al mualim

SacAnime has come and gone this year in California’s capital city (A full recap of the event can be found here). One thing that SacAnime did that was a first for Assassins Creed fans was gather all of the most popular protagonists from the franchises storied history to one venue for what turned out to be a spectacular panel. Among two of the most popular assassins are of course Altair and Aveline portrayed by voice acting talents Cas Anvar and Amber Goldfarb, respectively.

As luck would have it we were able to graciously eat up some of their valuable time geeking out over their amazing work in video games and in just being awesome people. We hope you enjoy the interviews just a fraction as much as we had interviewing them.

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