Bautista in Avengers 3 confirms Thanos being the main villain?


Marvel teased Thanos at the end of The Avengers, with fans speculating that the Mad Titan would be the main villain for the second Avengers movie. That turned out to be false once Marvel revealed Ultron as the main villain during last year’s San Diego Comic-Con. This resulted in fans believing that Thanos would be pushed back to become the main villain for Avengers 3. Marvel hasn’t confirmed anything yet, since they are currently busy focusing on Phase 2.

Even though there’s no confirmation, there are clues to Thanos being the main villain for the third Avengers film. In a recent news from PWInsider, Marvel Studios is restructuring Dave Bautista’s contract that will have him appear in more Marvel films while also giving him a bigger raise. He’s slated for the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Avengers 3.

With Bautista being in Avengers 3, it’s likely that the forces of Earth will team up with the forces of the galaxy. What threat can possibly unite the galaxy? Yep, all leads point to Thanos.

Via PWMania

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