Rumors: More potential major spoilers revealed for Star Wars: Episode VII


Are you tired of Star Wars: Episode VII spoilers? Me neither. Luckily Dave over at Latino Review has some more spoilers to share for us. Keep in mind that these spoilers could end up being incorrect. However, with some information provided by various sources backing these rumors, these spoilers have a strong chance of being accurate. So with that in mind, remember that the following tidbits are POTENTIAL SPOILERS.

  • Leia is made leader of the Republic after her predecessor’s death
  • Han is a retired veteran of the Republic fleet
  • Luke hasn’t been seen in nearly 30 years
  • The lead character is Han and Leia’s daughter
  • The other lead is the child of Lando, and either a male or female depending on who is cast
  • The other lead is a Stormtrooper, also either a male or female depending on who is cast
  • Dialogue for these two characters is very rough in the second draft
  • Luke has no known offspring
  • The Empire still exists in the form of a number of loyal galaxies and are in a state of cold war with the Republic
  • The Empire is simply referred to as the “Empire,” and the Republic is referred to formally only once, as the “Galactic Republic;” no “New” anywhere
  • There are no Jedi whatsoever, and people still speak as if they are extinct, with Luke being “the last of his kind”
  • The main antagonists are an older student of the Emperor, and his apprentice
  • The apprentice takes control of the power dynamic between the two pretty quickly…
  • The Republic are excavating ruins on a neutral world for a weapon; the world factors into tense negotiations the Empire have had with the Republic, and is referred to as the “Sith Homeworld”
  • Loredump: In the script, the Sith are a couple thousand years old, founded by an ancestor of Palpatine called Ruin; the apprentice in this film also goes by that name
  • The ruins within the Sith Homeworld are a control station; the planet itself is the weapon
  • Luke saves the day at the end, but in a bad way; he has changed

It’s been rumored before that John Boyega would be playing the Stormtrooper lead, while Daisy Ridley was also rumored to be playing Han and Leia’s daughter. This would mean that Lupita Nyong’o would be playing Lando’s kid.

The last tidbit regarding Luke is rather interesting. Is Luke going to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a heel? Luke has shown hints of his father’s dark side temperament in the original trilogy, so it’s highly possible that Luke could turn to the dark side at the end of Star Wars: Episode VII.

What do you think?

Star Wars: Episode VII makes the jump to theaters on December 18, 2015.

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