Supergirl to get a TV series soon?

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The DC Universe is exploding into all the big mediums. The DC original animated movies are solid and entertaining (read our review of Assault on Arkham), and the live-action movies have been kicking it into overdrive, especially with the recent announcement of The Rock as Black Adam.

On television, DC has shows like Arrow, The Flash, Gotham and Constantine. They’re all pretty heavy on the male leads, but isn’t it about time we get a female superhero?

According to Bleeding Cool, DC Comics is trying to get a Supergirl TV show off the ground, with Michael Green attached as producer and writer. His credits include producing Gotham, Smallville, and Heroes and writing Smallville, Heroes, Gotham, the Green Lantern and upcoming Flash films. To add to that, he also worked on the New 52 Supergirl with Mike Johnson.

This isn’t the first time we saw a live-action Supergirl, since she had her own movie back in 1984, which was a spin-off of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies. Are you looking forward so a TV show starring the other Krypton survivor?

Source: Bleeding Cool

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