PAX Prime 2014: Lucky’s Tale on Oculus Rift

Lucky's Tale

The Oculus Rift is among the most highly anticipated new gaming devices of the year. And based on what I saw at Pax Prime, it seems like more and more developers are jumping onto the Oculus bandwagon while the space for innovation remains more or less wide open. In addition to the titles being showcased at the Oculus rift main booth, numerous independent developers were also showing their latest Oculus-enabled titles. However, what stole the show for me was Playful Corp’s new Oculus VR enabled platformer, Lucky’s Tale. This platformer debuted at E3 this year, but I was able to finally get a hands-on demo of it at the Oculus booth today.

The four minute gameplay demo showcased the truly immersive sensation that you get when donning an Oculus VR headset. While the gameplay itself was a fairly standard 3D platformer in the vein of Super Mario Galaxy, the world shown through the lens of an Oculus headset created entirely new dimensions of gameplay. While other games tout complete immersion, this was the first time where I truly felt like I was “in” the game. Objects floated by me and I literally ducked out of the way. I looked behind me and saw that I was completely enveloped by this virtual world. A seamless transition of video as I glanced all around made me feel as if I was actually in this 3D playground, controlling this animated fox.

Lucky’s Tale isn’t the most innovative of platformers (although to be fair, 4 minutes of gameplay is hardly enough to fairly judge an entire game). But the controls were crisp and the animation and artwork is both eye-catching and fun. And most importantly, it showcased the sort of potential that all games that utilize Oculus VR will have. It’s hard to explain just what a game changer games like Lucky’s Tale represent to the industry. It truly is one of those, “You just have to experience it for yourself.” And for those who scoff at the notion of “virtual reality” as marketing buzzwords like IMAX 3D, all I can say is, don a headset and see for yourself.

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