SOE Live 2014: DC Universe Online


It’s been a while since I’ve written on SOE Live. Now, I’ve already covered EverQuest, EverQuest 2, Landmark, and EverQuest Next, but there are more games under Sony Online Entertainment‘s belt than EverQuest. One of my dearly beloved MMORPGs is DC Universe Online. Based on the largest competing comic book brand to Marvel, DC brought a special power to the developers of this superhero MMO.

Hot on the heels of superhero MMOs like Champions Online and the City of Heroes franchise, DC Universe Online took many beloved characters and gave players a storyline that legitimized the creation of their own superheroes. While fans of Marvel wondered how the popular comic brand would respond to the success of DC Universe Online, the popular Superhero MMO which launched in 2011 has enjoyed a successful PlayStation 4 launch (which holds 76% of the active playerbase) and released new DLC every few months. With the release of new DLCs, new powers, storylines, and overall content and refinements have expanded the value of this amazing game.

Since the Sons of Trigon DLC, the development team adopted a staggered DLC Trilogy structure around the start of 2014. Starting with Part 1 of the War of Light DLC (inspired by the amazingly popular DC Comics storyline) which introduced the Red Lanterns in a war between the Green Lanterns (Heroes) and Yellow Lanterns (Villains), following with Part 1 of the Amazon Fury DLC, then Part 1 of Home Turf DLC. While new material is distributed in these DLCs, various changes and balances are implemented at the same time. In addition, the development team has paid close attention to the player-base and provided both casual and challenging game modes, plus expanded the roster of canonical DC Universe characters included in the game.

With 22.6% of the players in DCUO engaged in PvP, the Legends arena where you can play your favorite superheroes and supervillains against each other has some new characters in the near future: Guy Gardner (Red Lantern), Kyle Rayner (Blue Lantern), Deathstroke, Green Arrow, Shazam, Black Adam, and Gorilla Grod, to name a few. Plus the ability to use these canon characters in specific PvE instances.

Big things are coming up with the 2nd part to the three trilogies introduced so far:

  1. War of the Light 2
    1. Star Sapphires
    2. Orange Lantern
    3. Dealing with the Power Batteries at various planets.
  2. Amazon Fury 2
    1. Hades and Aries
    2. Return of Brainiac?
  3. Halls of Power 2
    1. Orion
    2. Apokolips and New Genesis.

Skimming is the new movement type, derived from the same physics as flying, it is based on Mr. Miracle, native to Apokolips. Skimming possesses no new feats and is mostly a vanity feature. However, there are three new powers on the horizon, powers which share not base in any of the storylines in the DLC so they will be made available separately. The following listed powers are still being developed, so they are subject to change by actual release:

  1. Munitions (inspired by Sgt. Rock)
    1. Controller/Damage
    2. Explosions
    3. Conventional Weapons
  2. Atomic (inspired by Firestorm)
    1. Healer/Damage
    2. Molecular Manipulation
    3. Regeneration
    4. Radiation Mechanics (TBD)
    5. Chain Reactions (TBD)
  3. Experimental Serums (inspired by Bane)
    1. Tank/Damage
    2. Physical
    3. Grappling
    4. Inject Serums
    5. Mixtures (Power Interactions)

For further information on DC Universe Online, check out their website at And to note, I play on the Villains side as a Yellow Lantern… I’m getting close to snagging the ability to obtain the Yellow Lantern Emblem. As Anna Akana says, “Stay awesome Gotham!”






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