Doctor Who: S8E2: Into the Dalek review & an extra treat!

Last week we were introduced to the new Doctor. We couldn’t gauge how Capaldi’s Doctor was going to be like just from one episode. Tonight, we got to see more of who he is and who is he going to become, especially when dealing with the Daleks.

doctorwhoShowrunner Steven Moffat stated he was going to make this Doctor darker and more complex than any of the previous ones, and it seems like he did. Throughout this episode, we saw the Doctor’s hatred for the Daleks and his disbelief that there could be a “good” Dalek. We saw his attitude towards sacrifice to protect the others, his viewpoint on soldiers and their way of life as well as his wit and how he deals with the humans he is protecting. His perspective on life and death was evident too. We saw so much throughout this episode, but is he a good man?

So far, he has been sarcastic, arrogant and very tough.  He’s realistic about life and death and doesn’t try to save every human life, as seen with the soldier being killed by the antibodies. But we see that everything the Doctor does, is for the beauty and the divine perfection of the universe. He eventually had hope that Rusty could see that – and if Rusty could see that, OTHER Daleks could! But in the end, after his mind fused with Rusty, we see that Daleks purpose is to exterminate, even if it’s for the good of mankind. At the end of the episode when Rusty exterminated the other Daleks and told the Doctor, the Doctor responded, “Of course they are, that’s what you do, isn’t it?” doctorwho

Something I really enjoyed in this episode was Clara. She was the voice of reason for the Doctor – even if it means slapping him to make him see the truth. She was strong and served as his mental guide (or “carer”). I hope to see more of this in the next few episodes before she leaves.

So, is the Doctor a good man? I think he is. We learned that his hatred for the Daleks is deeply rooted, but only because of his love for the universe and humanity. He is our protector. He will do whatever it takes to protect us – even if he was called “a good Dalek”.

I greatly enjoyed this episode.

Note: When Rusty told the Doctor that he was a good Dalek, it reminded me of the time when the 9th Doctor was told, “You would make a good Dalek”. Maybe we will see a little bit of 9 in 12.

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