Three heart-stopping fan-made Star Wars: Episode VII posters

star wars aftermath

You couldn’t possibly hype the new Star Wars movie more than it already is. Fans have literally become like addicts, waiting for any bit of information about the new Star Wars film to seep through the cracks, and I’m pretty sure these new posters aren’t going to help. The following images come from Deviantartist AndrewSS7. Andrew is actually quite a talented artist, judging from his amazing portfolio of work. It is no wonder that he recently been receiving a lot of buzz for his Star Wars: Episode VII posters.

According to Andrew, the posters were inspired by Star Trek Into Darkness, which does seem give them that Abrams-esque vibe. He made four posters for the movie, but as of today only three have been posted.  We can only speculate what he is holding up his sleeve.

You can check out all three posters below and also I strongly advise you to check out his deviantart profile. There are some really cool posters from Ant-Man to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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