A few weeks ago there were news outlets reporting about a mysterious hole suddenly appearing in Siberia. This isn’t your normal gopher hole, no. The hole is enormous and seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. Days later, more holes appeared again in Siberia, with scientists finally scrambling to find out what’s causing these holes in the earth’s crust.

The initial explanation that scientists offered about these holes was global warming. Apparently global warming has thawed a large portion of the permafrost in Siberia, and is causing the methane to leak from below. This causes it to explode outward out of the ground. That sounds like a perfectly logical explanation, right? Wrong. Not everything is as easy as that. Current Russian scientist Leonid Ksanfomalit sent a remote controlled drone down the hole with infrared and thermal cameras to do some tests; however, what he found seems to have flipped the lid on all fronts of science. There is a massive network of tunnels, seemingly dug through the rock by something massive.

Russian scientist Leonid testing the effects of global warming on lake ice in Siberia.

Russian scientist Leonid testing the effects of global warming on lake ice in Siberia.

From further rock analysis along with what looks to be organic excrement inside the tunnels, Leonid and his team have deduced it to be a giant worm-like creature that created the massive tunnels underneath the holes. Leonid’s team attempted to send drones down the tunnels, but the drones were soon unrecoverable. After several failed attempts, it was then proposed that a special team was needed to be sent into the tunnels; Leonid knew of a group that would be capable of this: The cast from the movie Tremors.

Tremors (1990)

Tremors (1990)

Of course who would be better at exploring massive underground worm tunnels than this cast? The answer according to Leonid is no one. The entire cast, even Kevin Bacon, was actually eager to assist with finding out what’s in those tunnels. We caught up with Kevin Bacon to hear what he thought about this escapade:

Kevin Bacon

What do I think? (scoffs) Hell, I think this is great. We took out killer man-eating  worms in Tremors, so this is going to be a piece of cake. Have you seen the recent movie Guardians of the Galaxy? They followed my heroic footsteps, and this little hunt we’re going on will only prove how awesome the Bacon-man [points at self] is. I’ll come back with a giant worm’s head on a stick. Mark my words, everyone. [he starts dancing for some reason]

Looks like there are giant worms that need to be taken out underneath Siberia, and Kevin Bacon is leading the charge. Let’s wish Leonid’s team, along with the cast of Tremors, a lot of luck on finding out what’s down there. If it is a giant worm, I for one welcome our new worm overlords.


Artist rendition of how the giant worms could look like.

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