Nintendo reveals a NEW Nintendo 3DS system

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Nintendo has just announced a new 3DS system, and it is simply called the “New” Nintendo 3DS. The new system has a bunch of new features, as well as a new analog pad called the “C-Stick.”

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The c-stick is modeled after the Gamecube’s own c-stick, but this version is meant to feel more like a button. It will be used in upcoming games like Dragon Quest X: Online, Final Fantasy Explorers, and Monster Hunter 4G to control the camera. (You originally had to buy a separate accessory in the past.) Nintendo also decided to model the colors on the button after the Super Famicom controller to add that bit of flavor. 


Nintendo also made a few redesigns to the system which includes moving the power button to the front, as well as the game cart slot and stylus. On the back the ZR and ZL triggers have been added, similar to the ones you find on the Nintendo Wii Gamepad, but positioned quite differently.


Now let’s take a look of the changes made inside the “New” 3DS system.


The”New” Nintendo 3DS system has an improved 3D ability where no matter what position you are viewing it, you’ll get the full 3D look. (The current model leaves you finding that “sweet spot”.) The improved 3D is thanks to an improved camera and gyro sensors that tracks players’ faces.


Now you won’t have to spend so much time keeping your head and body in a single position when playing 3D games.


It also looks like switching from SD cards to Micro SD cards will be a cinch.

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The “New” Nintendo 3DS will be available in a regular 3DS model as well as the LL version (known as XL in North America and Europe), which boasts a larger screen, improved batter life (anywhere from 30 mins to an hour) and the ability to adjust screen brightness.

A huge focus on the new handheld is a more powerful CPU, meaning better looking games. The bad thing is that older models of the Nintendo 3DS won’t be able to play the new games like XenoBlade Chronicles.


The “New” Nintendo 3DS and 3DS LL will be available in Japan on October 11th, 2014 which the regular 3DS model retailing at 16,000円 ($155)  and the LL model for 18,800円 ($182).

Currently no announcement on when it will be coming to the West.

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