Regular Show Rigby Pack (DVD review)

regualr show rigby pack dvd

STOP TALKING! The latest entry to the Regular Show DVD collection is set to release September 9th 2014 and focuses on the park’s lovable raccoon slacker: Rigby! We were able to get our hands on an advanced copy of the ‘Rigby Pack’ and these are the things you should know before you pre-order the collection.

I love Rigby. Of all the characters in the Regular Show universe, Rigby is who I best relate to. He has a short fuse and he is often the one that will act off of a gut instinct that is rash and usually wrong, but he generally means well. Rigby was long overdue for some DVD sugar but finally gets it here, however, there are a few things that keep this collection of stellar episodes from being a hands down “must-buy.”

One thing that upset me was the complete lack of special features content. It’s becoming common place for Regular Show to load the full disc Season collections with bonus content like commentaries and behind-the-scenes footage, while the rest of the collections offer very little bonuses. The Rigby pack is no different as there are no special features offered here besides subtitles.

Another small pet peeve is that there is no apparent flow to the order of episodes. An example is the fact that the episode ‘Bank Shot’ is the first one on the disc and features Rigby’s little brother Don. If this was the first Regular Show DVD you owned, you would not know who Don was and understand what makes some of his jokes funny, but episode two on the DVD is titled ‘Don’ which introduces the character and all of the inside jokes. Episodes on the collection span all of the seasons, yet the flow and order is pretty out of whack.

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Lack of special features and consistency of episode order aside, Regular Show is still one of the most brilliant cartoons on television, and the episodes themselves are hilarious. Each episode is a window to the embodiment of what makes Rigby the eccentric racoon we have grown to love. I would hope that with future collections they put a little more Sugar into the special features and be more methodical by putting the episodes in a more cohesive order. For my personal taste this pack doesn’t do much in driving me to buying the standalone. The better option might be to just stick to buying the complete seasons.

Rating: 2/5 Atoms

NR 2 Atoms - D

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