Project: Alibi, a multiplatform ghost story, gets us in the mood


I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood for Halloween. Halloween, just take my money now. While it’s still not as close as I’d like, there are plenty of projects to get me in the mood. One such project has less then 40 hours to reach their stretch goals.

“Project: Alibi” is a multiplatform sci-fi/horror roadtrip story and is a collaboration between No Mimes Media’s Steve Peters & Story Central’s Alison Norrington using social media in new ways to tell the story in real time. Its stretch goals include bringing Mike Monello, co-creator of The Blair Witch Project, onto the creative team.

Los Angeles, USA (August 25, 2014)
Project: Alibi (working title), is an innovative FREE Hallowe’en comedy-horror story told uniquely and frighteningly in real-time through social media, and will drag you into the scariness like never before. For the week leading up to Hallowe’en night, audiences will virtually travel in real-time with hero Talbot Griffin as he descends deeper and deeper into a place from which there seems no escape. Project: Alibi creators have targeted Blair Witch Co-creator, Mike Monello, as a never-been-done-before stretch goal.

Project: Alibi is a ghost story for the digital age, putting audiences right at the center of the macabre and creepy things happening to 27 year old singer Talbot Griffin, but is more experience than mere story and will play out in your day-to-day digital life, at times digitally reaching out and pulling fans right back in when they least expect it. This interactive horror story will inject itself into your life for an entire week on the run up to Hallowe’en, and in a way that you’ve never experienced it, guaranteed. 27 year old singer, Talbot, loses his job, his girlfriend and his apartment and decides to chase his dreams by taking a road trip from New York to LA one week before Hallowe’en…but the road doesn’t quite lead where he expects it to. By simply “FRIENDING” Talbot, audiences will be led along a crazy journey – a maxed-out mix of Rocky Horror meets World’s End meets Twilight Zone with a spattering of Inside Llewyn Davis… ”

After successfully funding their project their stretch goals are the focus. So what are stretch goals and what can be achieved?

““Our stretch goals are people!” We’re on the last leg of a successfully funded IndieGoGo campaign to cover some scouting and hard production costs, implementation and seeding. Our ultimate stretch goals are friends & colleagues who will be joining the creative team as special Horror/Experience consultants, working with us to push the boundaries to deliver the most thrilling experience possible. Stretch Goal #1 – Blair Erickson (Writer Director of the indie horror film Banshee Chapter and creator of the Sarah Connor Chronicles Alternate Reality Game). Stretch Goal #2 – Brian Clark (Founder/Owner of GMD studios, co-founder of IndieWire, and creator of the Eldritch Errors Alternate Reality Game, Art of the Heist and more). Stretch Goal #3 – Jan Libby (ARG writer and experience designer for projects for Fox’s The Following, Sleepy Hollow, LonelyGirl15 and more). Our ultimate Stretch Goal #4 – Mike Monello (Founder/Partner of Campfire New York, and Co-creator of The Blair Witch Project).”

Perks include the Mojave – Talbot Griffin’s brooding indie folk/rock artist T-shirt, the Gaucho – a personalised phone call to literally scare the crap out of you on or around Hallowe’en night, the Altamont – a super cool and seriously antique key to remind you of your journey and unlock those memories right up to the Honesuki or the Decadence where we’ll wine and dine you.. with a twist.

So head on down before its too late!

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