The Legend of Korra video game gets new Pro-Bending screenshots


Activision has released new screenshots for Platinum Games’ The Legend of Korra video game. For the new screenshots, we get to see the Pro-Bending gameplay mode that’s based on the sport from the animated TV series.

Pro-Bending will have two teams of three players compete to push the rival team off the floating battlefield. Things will get tough as players will be able to use the elemental forces. The mode will be part of the game’s story and will be unlocked after the players complete Story Mode.

The Legend of Korra will be available for the PS4, PS3 and PC on October 21st in North America. Xbox One and Xbox 360 will get it on October 22nd.

LOK_ProBending_1 LOK_ProBending_2 LOK_ProBending_3 LOK_Screenshot_1 LOK_Screenshot_2 LOK_Screenshot_3


Source: Activision

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