Pokken Tournament is the Pokemon fighting game we’ve all been waiting for


This is real. The game of my dreams is happening. Namco Bandai and The Pokemon Company are collaborating to develop a full fledged Pokemon fighting game dubbed Pokken Tournament. The name combines the “Pok” in Pokemon and the “Ken” from Tekken.  The first footage of the game features fighting-types Lucario and Machamp as they duke it out in real time.

Producer Katsuhiro Harada (who’s also producer on the Tekken series) said that the game will not be based on the Tekken engine and will instead use a new engine that focuses mainly on the action and less on the technical details so anyone can enjoy the game. They want to make a game that will appeal to a wide range of Pokemon fans.

The game is scheduled to be released in Japanese arcades next year. A console announcement has yet to be made.

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