Capcom sues Koei Tecmo over controller vibrating patent and more


Capcom, the Japanese publishing company known for Street Fighter and Resident Evil, is suing Koei Tecmo, a Japanese video game publisher known for Dynasty Warriors and Dead or Alive. Capcom is accusing the other of multiple patent infringement, according to a Sankei report from a translation by Siliconera.

What are the patents? These include unlocking or importing content from an old game to a new game. Another includes a controller vibration alert of nearby enemies.

That means that Koei Tecmo has 50 titles that are infringing on Capcom’s patents, and the company wants ¥980 million ($9.43 million) in damages. It’s about the same amount to the license fee that’s 10 percent more of what Capcom claims Koei Tecmo has profited. Capcom is also looking to stop Koei Tecmo from selling a number of titles.

Wow, I had no idea that alerting players of nearby enemies via vibration could be patented. What next, patenting the controller vibrating when a company sells the same game with slight updates as a whole new package?

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