BuzzFeed addresses the ‘fake geek girl’ issue in its latest video

if geek girls acted like geek guys

The clickbait, millennial-driven media site BuzzFeed has been on a roll lately with its slew of new videos. The latest video drives a certain point home about the rampant sexism in nerd culture.

Keep in mind, while watching this, that the video addresses an overall problem in our culture, and yet it is not specific to only nerd culture. Get ready to cringe and watch.

My favorites include:

  • I’m so tired of these fake geek guys, they’re just trying to impress us real nerd girls.
  • You have a girlfriend who’s really into comics, you’re trying to impress her?
  • They don’t make comic book movies starring men because men don’t see comic book movies.
  • You cosplay? Show me pictures of you cosplaying. Who do you cosplay as? Slutty Hawkeye? Slutty Thor? Slutty Iron Man? Slutty Khal Drogo? Yo, if you cosplay as Khal Drogo, you’re asking for it.
  • You like comics? That’s so hot. I wish you were my boyfriend.

If you’re a geek guy and have never said one of these things, bravo to you. You may continue. But it may be worth it to step outside of yourself for a second. Next time you’re at a con, see if you can spot these guys saying this to girls. Or better yet, just look online. They are everywhere!

Remember those Real Geek Girl / Fake Geek Girl memes? Those were so disgusting and offensive, not only because it shames women and damages their self-image, but because geek guys were so insular in the way that jocks excluded nerds in school and sports.

See also: Adrianne Curry beats up guy for sexual harassment at San Diego Comic-Con

And let me remind you of this little gem:


If you are a guy, and you think to yourself (or keyboard smash into the comments) that this cannot be possible because you haven’t done this and you haven’t seen this happen to girls, you’ll get shut down. It’s like saying bullies don’t attack gay kids because you’ve never seen it happen. It’s like saying genocide never happened in Rwanda because you didn’t witness it first hand. You just have to know that it does happen — the problem does exist.

So what do you do when you see it? Call out the guy. Tell him that it’s not right. Because silence is not good. To quote Abraham in The Strain, “Inaction is the greatest evil.”

Also, these guys do a great job at addressing the fake geek girl issue and why it’s stupid for nerds to screen women in such a way.

Now, let’s welcome everybody into the Haus of Geek with open, non-judgmental arms.

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