Review: Kotobukiya SDCC limited edition Psylocke Marvel Bishoujo Statue

Pyloche 1_BannerSo there’s this amazingly beautiful figure sitting in my shelf, and I get to thinking, “It really deserves a review.” It isn’t often that I go out of my way to purchase a statue. In fact, I think it’s the first time I’ve even stood in line for one. Psylocke has been a favorite superhero of mine since I first laid eyes on the cover of the 2010 comic book Psylocke #1: “Kill Matsu’o, Part 1 / A Girl Called Hope”. Yes, it hasn’t been the longest relationship, but like with most of my escapades with beautiful Asian women, it’s been interesting. 

Kotobukiya first announced this limited edition figure a month prior to the San Diego Comic-Con, and forums were already filling with posts about how much better this version looked than the original all black suit. Blue and red are indeed the colors of her original uniform, but apart from the color change and the addition of some plastic lightning, this is the exact same cast statue as the first.

Visible Detail

PSylocke 3

This beautiful 1/8th scale X-Force Ninja outfitted Bishoujo will surely turn heads. Every tiny detail of this figure breathes quality and exudes the same sexy yet dangerous personality that Psylocke has always possessed. A light glossy finish over the blue cloth surrounding her both shines and glistens as the contrast of her skin and purple hair give this statue great contrast.

Psylocke 5

The base of the figure is also finely crafted. Although a strange shape, it complements her long, outreached leg with an Asian-esque rock garden environment.

Psylocke 8 The one real difference in content as compared to the first edition is the “lightning” around her arm and sword. This comes as a separate piece and can be removed or kept, depending on preference. I chose to leave it because of its aesthetic contrast with the sword and arm. Everything down to her manicure is highly detailed. Kotobukiya really knows how to make high quality statues.


Psylocke 2

This figure was a Comic-Con exclusive, which means it will not only retain in value, but possibly increase over time. A great investment for anyone quick and savvy enough to pick this up. Then again, any Comic-Con exclusive that you can get your hands on has always been fruitful when it’s time to sell.

Final Reaction

This has absolutely taken main stage on my figure shelf. It’ll quickly become the centerpiece of your Bishoujo collection, or would be a wonderful addition to anyone collecting exclusives. While you’re not able to find this in retail any longer, plenty are still being sold on E-Bay for a small markup. As this statue was only $79.99 at the convention, it’s a small price to pay for such a gorgeous piece. The only cadence which I’ve had is the quality of the extra lightning piece. It seems that with a clearer, more reflective plastic, it would have been more of a hero. Still, this figure is absolutely worth it, and will keep you refreshing Kotobukiya’s page in search of new pictures.

Psylocke 9

Rating: 5/5 Atoms

NR 5 Atoms - A

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