Opinion: Why the ‘True Blood’ finale made sense


*This article contains spoilers to HBO’s True Blood’s series finale*

After watching last night’s series finale of HBO’s True Blood, I got a sense of people getting angry or upset over the series finale which left Bill Compton dead and everyone else who is left alive to lead very happy lives. A lot of people thought, as morbid as the series has been, ‘True Blood isn’t suppose to have a happy ending’! But why not?

Throughout the season, Bill thought about his family and his life as a human being. He’s missed out on so much and it’s about time he should be with his original family. As much as he loved Sookie, it was time for Vampire Bill to go home. His death marked the path for Sookie to finally move on. Bill was her first vampire and it ended with him being her last (onscreen at least). If a lot of Bill/Sookie shippers are upset about the ending, Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin are married in real life with children. You can pretend Bill and Sookie lived happily ever after through them.

The whole New Blood with Eric and Pam was pretty hilarious. I’m really surprised the other Yakuza members didn’t try to off them after they killed off Mr. Gus. Details. But, Eric and Pam are where Eric and Pam should be – together. I wish we got to see Ginger at the bar, then we know they didn’t forget about her. She’s been with them since the beginning too.

The whole ending with Hoyt and Jessica getting married was really for the fans. Hoyt and Jessica’s romance was a big deal when Jessica was first introduced. Shippers everywhere loved them together, but for storyline purposes – Jessica had to ruin it to gain more character development. So Hoyt left and then came back.

The Jason and Bridgette thing was kind of fast, but they introduced her late in the season as a smart girl who wanted to get married and have kids – just…like…Jason. I was actually happy they gave Jason a girl who was normal, but honestly, how did they have that many kids in a span of four years? Seriously. Four years.

Anyway, this past season had been really focused on letting go. Lettie Mae letting go of Tara. Jessica finally figuring her shit out. Arlene finally letting go of Terry. Sookie and Bill letting go of each other. It has been an emotional trip, but it all came together in the end.

It ends with Arlene and Keith, Andy and Holly, LaFayette and James, Wade and Adylin, Rocky (forever alone), Jason and Bridgette, Sam and Nicole, Hoyt and Jessica, Lettie Mae and the Reverend, Willa, and Jane (and her new man) having dinner at a pregnant Sookie’s home with her new husband (who we do not get to see). We don’t need to wonder what is going to happen to our favorite characters. There is no “what ifs” to this ending. Just a happy ending. After all the blood, tears, and death this show had brought, this is how True Blood is suppose to end: a celebration of life.

Thank you, True Blood.

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