New Skylanders mini characters and an exclusive Wal-Mart pack

STT_WaterBuddyPack_Blister_FINAL_HiResIf you are a collector of Skylander figures or are a gamer with kids, you definitely want to know about the newest toy available for pre-order. First, Activision recently released a new line of Skylanders that are pocket sized (because they weren’t small enough already) called Skylanders mini.

For the lineup you’ll have sixteen characters to choose from, all of which have upgradable abilities, including the ability to trap villains. One of these mini characters will be available for pre-order exclusively at Wal-Mart.

The Gil Runt/Gill Grunt Buddy Pack (pictured above) features the Tidal Wave Gill Grunt and his fully playable mini Skylander buddy Gill Runt for $14.96. To take a look at the full line up of Skylanders minis, take a look at the pictures below.

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