Disney Unwrapped: Holiday gifts you could get now!

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The holidays are coming up and I know it’s a bit early to be thinking about gifts, but Disney has decided to release some of their potential holiday gifts to prepare to buy before they sell out.

Disney invited us to check out their Disney toys that they have out already and will be releasing soon. Many of the toys were meant for your little girl or boy, but honestly, you can also buy it for yourself as well.

Disney presented us with their Top 12 Must Haves for the Holidays for your kids (and honestly… yourselves)! Frozen, Marvel and Star Wars takes the majority of the list. We decided to share Disney’s Dozen for 2014!


1. Frozen Snow Glow Elsa

You get Elsa AND Olaf! This doll is perfect for the kid who could sing “Let It Go” multiple times over and over again. When both her arms are raised, you could hear that song – they also offer it in another language (access to up to two languages). The doll also can say 15 sounds and phrases from the movie and lights up when you press her snowflake necklace.
Age Range: 5-10
 Multiple outlets
Price: $34.99


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2. Day at Disney Planet

This is a Fisher=Price Little People toy! My niece and nephews love this brand. This is where the Disney magic happens and they mix to make ‘Fisher-Price Little People Magic of Disney’. They made this playset into a mini Disneyland! There is the teacup ride, Dumbo’s ride, and the Small World boat! This is a great toy for the little ones who LOVE Disneyland.
Age Range: 1.5 – 5
Retailers: Walmart
Price: $49.99


3. Planes: Fire & Rescue Fire Blastin’ Dusty

With the success of Disney’s Cars and Planes, we introduce to you Dusty Crophopper! He saves the day by blasting “water” balls to put out the “fire” targets. It’s actually pretty innovative for a kid’s toy compared to back in my day. The sounds are realistic and it’s fun to take aim and blast the balls at targets.
Age Range: 6 – 12
Retailers: Multiple outlets
Price: $49.99


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4. Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile

What better way to inspire your child to become a doctor than to give her a doctor character and doctor items. Here is where Doc McStuffins comes in – she takes care of the neighborhood toys while on-the-go with her mobile clinic. This mobile is your child’s talking mobile. It has sirens and lights that pop up (not annoying) and plays the “Doc Mobile” song. This is the perfect way to brainwas- influence your child’s decision on their career path in life. Plus, it’s really cute!
Age Range: 5 – 10
Retailers: Multiple Outlets
Price: $39.99

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5. Disney Princess Palace Pets Magic Dance – Pumpkin

Want to feel like a princess? Well, princesses have pets! Here is Cinderella’s pet Pumpkin. She is a remote-controlled puppy that could speak over a dozen phrases and sounds, follow movement commends from the light-up magic wand controller and perform sweet dance moves, including two pre-programmed sequences. Perfect for the kid who wants a dog, but can’t have one yet.
Age Range: 4 – 12
Retailers: Multiple Outlets
Price: $49.99

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6. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Giant Web Slinging Spider-Man Figure

As a Spider-Man fan, this is pretty cool. It actually shoots water or their special mix of Spidey Shot Web Fluid from it’s canister. The button is on the back and you just press it to shoot it out. It can get a bit messy, so please pay attention to the age range.
Age Range: 10 – adult (because we can be silly too)
Retailers: Multiple Outlets
Price: $29.99

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7. Frozen Animators’ Collection Doll Gift Set

This seems like a child’s toy but it’s not. This is definitely a collectible that you have in a display case or locked away to grow in value. These Anna and Elsa dolls, inspired by Disney’s Frozen, have beautifully crafted dresses and outfits for them to change in. It’s simply just beautiful. Keep it safe. It’s definitely a keeper.
Age Range: Adult
Retailers: Disney Store
Price: $99.95

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8. Star Wars Rebels: The Ghost

In the animated series Star Wars Rebels, The Ghost is a rebel heroes’ starship and has been recreated here in LEGOs for you to play with. It has lots of weaponry to play with and different characters. It’s just a fun toy for kids and adults. This is also a collectors piece for the Star Wars fan.
Age Range: 10+
Retailers: Multiple Outlets
Price: $79.99

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9. Disney’s “Tsum Tsum” Plus Collection

“Tsum Tsums” are stackable dolls that started in Japan, now it’s hitting the Disney this holiday! Your favorite characters have been “Tsum Tsum-ed”. They are so adorable and very soft to sleep on. They come in a variety of sizes and for all ages.
Age Range: Any (because it’s a doll/pillow too)
Retailers: Disney Store
Prices: $4.95-24.95

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10. Disney Infinity

The most anticipated game/toy that, coming out this fall, is the Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes. You can play as your favorite Avenger or Guardian in this interactive gaming platform. It’s just so fun and the figures are really awesome to collect!
Age Range: 7+
Retailers: Multiple Outlets
Prices: Starter Pack: $74.99; Play Sets: $34.99; Figures: $13.99; Power Discs: $4.99

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11. Star Wars Scene Maker

The “Star Wars Scene Maker” is a new line of creativity apps that gives kids and Star Wars fans of all ages the tools to create, control, customize, capture and share their own 3D animated Star Wars scenes. This is completely FREE to try. The scene I got to try was in the forest with Han Solo talking to a stormtrooper. I had full control on how I wanted the scene to be. Yes, Classic Star Wars. Rejoice!
Age Range: 5+
Retailers: App Store
Price: Free (w/ IAP)

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12. Frozen: Hide-and-Hug Olaf: A Fun Family Experience

Very similar to the Elf-On-The-Shelf, Olaf will allow people to create their own photo moments with Olaf. There is a hide-and-seek theme in the storybook, so the parents can hide the plus for the children to find and deliver Olaf’s big, warm hug! I would love this for myself as well to take funny photo op moments.
Age Range: 3+
Retailers: Book stores
Price: $26.99

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