Silent Hills PT teaser reveals aliens in Swedish radio

pt silent hills

Kojima and Konami have done well in creating an innovative and viral marketing project with the PT interactive teaser for the upcoming Silent Hills game. It has made many gamers obsessed as they try to figure out clues and patterns to beating the demo.

One of the cryptic things featured in the game is the Swedish radio transmission that reveals something mind-blowing.

Here’s what the translated voice says, courtesy of Screen Burn:

Close your eyes.
Let your ears listen, to the radio.
Do you hear my voice?
Can you hear your own soul’s scream?
Let us choose
My voice that tells the future
Or your tortured (inaudible)
Well, what do you choose?
You can choose.
Your life, your future.
Wise as you are you might already have discovered it.
Yes, the radio drama from 75 years ago was true.
They are here on our earth and they monitor and see all.
Don’t trust anyone. Don’t trust the police.
They are already controlled by them.
That’s the way it has been for 75 years now.
Only our best (inaudible)
You have a right. A right to become one of us.
So, welcome to our world. Very soon the gates to a new dimension will open.

The War of the Worlds was a popular radio drama in 1938, which happens to be a year off from the mentioned “75 years ago”. It seems to be hinting that the aliens are here in the world of Silent Hill, and they are watching.

If you have played the previous Silent Hill games, the developers had funny alternate endings featuring aliens. The Swedish radio transmission could be an Easter egg for fans of the alternate endings, or it could be something that Kojima and Konami are thinking of adding into the actual game. Let us know what you think of aliens possibly being in Silent Hills.

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