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As the month of August draws near its close, people everywhere are scrambling to get in their last cottage weekends. While the fishing rods and BBQ equipment are the first thing to get packed, most people will also be bringing their tunes along, and a portable Bluetooth speaker is now a huge cottage essential. Whether you’re heading off to try and catch that last big fish or you’re heading off to the university dorm for the first time, you need a speaker that is compact, powerful and portable.

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The design of the BP-2001 is simple yet elegant enough to blend in with most of your room. The speaker is all black with a silver trim adorning the bottom and rounding out the sides. The top part is designed to hold your cell phone and tablet, and it had no problem holding my Moto G complete with its case. The design makes it so that it can stand on its own but you might want to use the unfoldable stand for narrower ledges or with heavier tablets.

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One thing that may irk some is the lack of on board volume controls, which limits the speaker to your device’s on board audio. As someone who likes to listen to music in the shower and at loud volumes (Yay for my metal-head phase!) this became an issue when certain songs on YouTube are uploaded at minute volumes.

The speakers are packaged with a warranty/refund/exchange sheet, an instruction manual, an AUX cable and a USB charging cable. While the AUX cable is perfectly sized to allow you to plug in your musical device and utilize the stand, the charging cable is comically short. While no one wants to deal with a large mess of cable, the one packaged with the BP-2001 was barely long enough to allow me to plug the speaker in and listen to music with it set on the table. This could preset a major issue if you run out of juice at a party. As the cable is also USB, you’ll have to provide your own wall plug adapter if you want to charge it in your wall.

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In terms of battery life, the speakers perform admirably, albeit the charge up time is slightly time consuming. While Inateck notes that things like range, the sound cutting in and out or being distorted are all affected by battery life, I’m sad to report that even at a full charge and with my paired Bluetooth device right next to it, I still experienced sound cut offs on a more than rare occasion.

The range is average, and while you would have no problem walking from room to room in your apartment, the  Bluetooth range does not hold well if you are walking through a normal sized house, and the sound would cut out when I went up a floor or to an extreme of my house.

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Despite the kinks I experienced, the sound quality and clarity is actually quite decent, even at loud volumes. Listening to a mix of EDM or hard rock/metal I experienced no static or distortion, even at maximum volume. If you can live with the occasional interruptions, the overall sound quality will definitely shock you. Despite this however, the call function was confusing and slightly problematic. While you can hear the other person clearly and concisely, the same could not be said for your voice, even when holding the phone directly to your mouth.

While the Inateck BP-2001 doesn’t present itself as a top of the line speaker, it definitely has some very positive upsides to it. The speakers are valued at sixty dollars but you can catch them on sale through Amazon for $30 and that makes them a pretty solid buy. The sound quality, look and simple to use functionality are excellent but the quality of the packaged accessories, along with some range, phone and intermittent sound issues keep this speaker from evolving from good to great.

Rating: 3.5/5 Atoms

NR 3_5 Atoms - B-

You can check out the full specs on Inateck’s website!

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