From DC to Marvel, Adrianne Palicki cast as Mockingbird in Agents of SHIELD

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 
has been really upping their game adding names like Lucy Lawless to their roster. They have now added Friday Night Lights and GI Joe: Retaliation actress Adrianne Palicki to their cast. Looking to Rival DC’s much smaller budget show Arrow, which has consistently been bringing big DC names with not so big actors, which has worked quite well for them. Marvel is looking to do something similar in the TV/Cinematic universe, but with a much bigger budget.Adrianne-Palicki-adrianne-palicki-8692359-353-450

It has already been hinted that Mockingbird’s character might not be a good girl at first. To comic book fans, Barbara “Bobbi” Morse aka Mockingbird is also known as Clint Barton’s (aka Hawkeye) wife and eventual ex-wife. They eventually started the West Coast Avengers which also included Ant-Man. Did anyone else notice that Ant-Man’s first photo is standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge? Mass tie-in anyone?

Again, Marvel isn’t letting their fans down creating a larger universe and hopefully she will remain part of the bigger story. We all know that with her past performances, she is a great actress and brings something different to the table than the other Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Maybe Palicki will bring some strength to the show that some fans have stated it’s lacking. It seems this new season will bring the fans what they want and may rival DC’s many other television shows.

“Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Cant Lose”

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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