Weekend BANG! Episode 28: BATTLEBORN!

videogame bang battleborn

What’s up, people. Sir Aaron Carter here with a Banging episode of the Weekend Bang! Today we breakdown the upcoming Gearbox title, Battle Born, to its bare bones and figure out if it’s going to change the MOBA genre as we know it, or will it just be another MOBA that League of Legends overshadows.

Assisting on today’s operation is Cory Vincent fresh from an Arctic bath, Steven Gutierrez coming straight outta Compton and ready to shoot, and the sleeping giant himself, Jerry “Snorlax” Phaynarikone, adding in his two cents when he’s awake.

After our Battleborn discussion we bang around the web just to see what’s hot. Will I ever remember names to video games? Will Cory thaw out in time for the show? Will Jerry ever wake up? All that and much more on this weeks episode of the Weekend Bang!

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