‘Scared Yet?’, a creepy pasta review series

Scared Yet

If you’re a web comics reader, then you’re likely familiar with the work of Kris Straub. Creator of the space opera Starslip, the daily humor comic Chainsawsuit and the Lovecraftian epic Broodhollow, Straub has a YouTube channel called Chainsawsuit Original. Though this channel contains some really wonderful programming, perhaps the most interesting is Straub’s series Scared Yet?

Hosted by Straub himself via webcam, Scared Yet? dissects the world of the “Creepy Pasta” and online horror in engrossing and intelligent ways. We’re all familiar with the “Slenderman” stories or “Jeff the Killer”, but Straub’s thoughtful study of these stories showcases an artist, himself a participant in the genre*, shedding light on a burgeoning genre of fiction that he clearly adores.

Straub pulls apart what he likes about some “creepy pastas” as well as what doesn’t quite work, articulating perfectly the nuts and bolts of horror fiction that are often hard to crystallize. There are five videos in the series so far, but all should be required viewing for horror fans and writers alike. Below is my favorite episode so far, wherein he shares his admiration for the Josef K Stories.

*You should read Candle Cove.

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