SOE Live 2014: Landmark

When it comes to Landmark, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) still finds people considering the title to be a part of the EverQuest series of products. Truth be told, it is hard not to consider Landmark as a part of EverQuest Next, given that one is the toolkit for the other. To promote the idea that these are two different products, SOE continues to push the genre-agnostic emphasis of Landmark.

At this point in Landmark’s development, we’re seeing players attempt structures that range from fantasy architecture, modern designs, to sci-fi architecture, and installation artwork. And with Phase 2 debuting on August 27th, we’re going to see the introduction of three dynamic stats: Armor, Health, and Energy. Instead of the typical three dynamic stat system of Health and Energy/Mana, the introduction of Armor is reminiscent of MMOs using a shield stat tacked onto the health bar. What does this mean? This means there will be further development of equippable items and – mortality. Yes, you can finally die now! As if that was something to cheer about.

Of the new items coming to Landmark, the Conjurer’s Staff, Soldier’s Blade, and Marksman’s Bow, all have a Main Attack and Alternate Attack, nothing more than that. There are also rare varieties of these weapons that can be found, broken down, and later used to create more unique and powerful items.

And with weapons, armor, and stats, you’ll also find dangerous flora and fauna (White Wisp, Red Wisp, Necrozoa, Feiry Fungus, Chomper, and Scorpion Plant). Currently it looks like these monsters stay in one position, but they are both dangerous and beautiful to behold. You will see monsters being implemented sometime in September as a part of Phase 2’s focus. Also in Phase 2, PvP combat is finally being introduced. PvP is claim-based and consensual, so you won’t find yourself being mauled randomly by other players. The implementation of PvP is intended to test out the combat system in Landmark which will subsequently help with the development of EverQuest Next’s systems.

Some fun additions to Landmark in Phase 2 are interactive object sets: Flingers (using catapult-physics), Moving-Platforms, and Teleports. There was even a demonstration of a set of Flingers being used to throw a character around an area reminiscent of the board-game, Mouse Trap.

One thing I noted down from the Keynote is when Dave Georgeson, Director of Development for the EverQuest franchise, said this about Landmark:

“If we can build it, you can build it.”

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