Star Wars: Episode VII’s Stormtrooper helmet leaked and Han Solo concept art

Looks like there has been a couple of photo leaks for the Stormtrooper helmet from the upcoming J.J. Abrams-directed Star Wars: Episode VII film. It’s definitely looking more sleek and stylish. Even though it’s not confirmed by Lucasfilm, I have a feeling these may be the real thing. Indie Revolver and 501st Legion (a very popular Star Wars organization) have posted up photos of the Stormtrooper helmet. One is dubbed the Snow or Jungle Trooper.

newtrooper star wars episode vii newtrooper2 star wars episode vii

Here’s the 501st Legion’s photo of the new Stormtrooper helmet.

Revealed today is the concept art for Han Solo courtesy of Indie Revolver again. The photos reveal two different outfits, as he gets a regular outfit and a winter outfit. If they do go in this direction, it’s nice to see that his fashion is still pretty similar from the previous movies.

han solo star wars episode vii han-coat star wars episode vii

What do you guys think of the designs? Let us know in the comment section below!

Source: Indie Revolver via CBM

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