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While EverQuest continues to enjoy updates under Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), its successor, EverQuest 2, is not without its own continuing vision! Celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year on November 9, EverQuest 2 will unleash its next expansion Altar of Malice.

Since January, Senior Producer Holly Longdale and her team started a process of actively providing weekly content updates and major monthly content updates. They’ve brought three Heritage Quests, provided Oakmyst and Darklight home designs, created High Keep as a non-instanced contested zone and enabled a version of High Keep’s design for Guild Halls. They have also implemented Live Events for players, Nights of the Dead, Brew Day, to name a few. And leaper Bunny mounts? (Yes that’s me tilting my head in confusion when I saw this). There is also the implementation of a level-agnostic dungeon system where you can group up with anyone from 20 to 89 and still receive appropriate gear and experience, players suffer no difficulty between level differences. Honestly, there is a lot of improvements and shifts to EverQuest 2 since January and you should check it out to see what’s new!

Announced at SOE Live 2014, Altar of Malice is the 11th expansion DLC for EverQuest 2. Apparently evil never dies, as we see the return of Lanys T’Vyl and her influence over the events that take place in the Shattered Sea, a region between the two main continents of the world. To throw out the numbers in terms of content in this expansion, it has 14 Heroic zones, 6 Raids, 6 Advanced solo zones, 2 Contested zones, 2 Overlands, 4 new Avatars of the Gods, and Prestige abilities that go up to 100. With gear optimizations, you can now loot gear that is configured to your desired play style. There will also be rare ancient spell scrolls. And the Guild Level cap will be raised to 100, allowing groups of players to upgrade guild amenities. Separate from the expansion, later this year players can purchase access to a new playable race, the winged Aerakyn.

As an Aerakyn you have the ability to customize your horns, wings, scale-patterning and color, while their wings eventually grow to full flight capability when you hit level 85.

Just to touch on some of what’s going on in this expansion, an incident in the Shattered Sea comes to the attention of a trade company where you become a part of an expedition to investigate. Some of the locations you’ll find are:

  • Isle of Refuge in the Tranquil Sea
  • The Forest of Kithakor is a haunted region infested by a priesthood called the Primordial Malice
  • Sserakzha an upside down temple ruin
  • Castle Highhold which is being assaulted by a four-armed race known as the Akeevans
  • Zavith’Loa is an underground realm inhabited by the Alathoa lizardkin who hunt down the dinosaurs above,
  • The Ossuary of Malice which is the base of the Primordial Malice who desecrate themselves in hopes of achieving a semi-undead state in reverence to Lanys.

Aside from the expansion, what else could one expect from EverQuest 2? Next year, SOE is looking to make the following enhancements:

  • Deity System Reborn – Updated Miracles and Blessings
  • New Public Quests – Redesigning the system
  • Cross-server Dungeons – Easy-to-find groups

EverQuest 2- Altar of Malice arrives on November 11 for Free-2-Play. For more information visit Sony Online Entertainment at and EverQuest 2 at

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