SDCC 2014: Grimm’s 4th season is looking grim for the characters


Spoilers! Spoilers!

So much has happened to the Grimm characters during the season finale this past spring – Rosalee and Monroe finally got married, Nick and Juliette are going through some trouble, Nick lost his powers, Sean Renard was shot in the chest several times, and the Wesen learning that Monroe hangs out with Grimms. Wow.

We wanted to know what’s to come for our favorite characters for the 4th season of NBC’s Grimm. They already shot three episodes prior to San Diego Comic-Con and were able to share a bit about what to expect. We spoke to the creators/executive producers Norberto Barba, David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf and the rest of the cast about the upcoming season.

Karma is coming Adalind’s way:

Her child was taken away and she takes revenge by sleeping with Nick (disguised as Juliette) and transmit a spell that takes away his Grimm abilities. We saw her last leaving in a taxi away. When asked about this upcoming season, Coffee commented, “For all the Adalind haters, she is definitely going to get her punishment, so don’t you worry about that. Some dark days are coming for her. A whole sh*tstorm coming her way.”

What about the baby?! Claire Coffee responded, “We need to wrap that storyline. Nick’s mom keeps popping back when there is a lull. I assume we’ll see her soon.”

Rosalee and Monroe: Happily Ever After?

GRIMM4Rosalee and Monroe were left finally married after a long season of screw ups for them. Now, the Wesen community knows they’ve been hanging with Grimms. So what’s going to happen now?

Silas Weir Mitchell commented about the wedding, “It was a beautiful day, but it ended sort of sh*tally.”

Bree Turner tells us, “You know, [for the characters] when can we just chill out? I think they come from these super, complicated dark pasts and what drew them to each other is their reformed way of living. I don’t think they are looking for excitement. They did that in their past. A shopkeeper and a clockmaker coming together in their little house and composting. Just being in love. Then all this Grimm stuff, they want to do it. It’s their duty, because they’re his friend. But, it’s often met with a little bit of fear of constantly being exposed. Now with the finale, the whole Wesen community knows we’ve been harboring this Grimm friendship. Now the royals know. Now it’s on our soil. That’s really scary. I think in these first three episodes back. That does take a front burner as a new start as newlyweds. In true Grimm fashion, they always bring humor and sexiness and comedy to these really dramatic storyline.”

GRIMMMitchell added, “It wouldn’t be Grimm if things were all easy like that. I do think we are going to find out way to some sort of honeymoon, but I can’t imagine it. The nature of writing is to complicate things and Jim [Kouf] always said it, ‘we write ourselves into corners so we could write ourselves out.’ That’s what makes it fun and challenging for them and fun and challenging for us. It’s been too easy for me last year. Too peaches and cream. We are getting married la-de-da! And the wedding was traumatic and my parents were troubling. It is going to get hard for Monroe. The road is going to get a little bumpy. As it should.”

He gives us a little more detail on their future, “This is my feeling. I don’t know. I really don’t know. I think that given the fact that the wedding was such a big wipe-out at the end. The world of councils and verrat and Grimm can’t not know what went down and can’t not be concerned about it. I feel like Rosalee and I are now exposed to a broader and more dangerous world. Oh, the few people who kind know and are cool with a Grimm being friends with a Wesen. Now it’s like a wider world know that I had a Grimm as my freaking best man. That’s dangerous. I could see it going that way.”

She adds, “A very dark time is coming for Monroe and Rosalee, as soon as episode 4.”

Korf added, “No, that’d be too sad. To have a happy ending?”

Renard Returns!

Sasha Roiz tells us about his character’s survival, “I can tell you I will be struggling for my life and it gets bloodier and worst. It’s not looking promising but we will see what happens. This is very grave. It’s going to be pretty gruesome for awhile.”

Wu won’t know… anything… yet. GRIMM3

We need to know… will Wu find out!? Reggie Lee tells us, “Well, I hope so. It literally picks up right where we left off. Those books caught my attention. So I will be looking into that. It didn’t catch my attention just a little bit. It was like, ‘What is this?’ It is going to be an exciting journey. They give him a rough time about not wanting to say anything.”

He adds, “I do not stop pestering with questions. Even there, those questions they never really encountered before. I’ll be frank when I ask these questions. It’s no holds bars. Tell me what’s up.”

Korf tells us, “Well, Wu is going to know, but he’s never going to know. He’s gonna know, ‘alright, people tell me these things. I can’t see them unless they want to be seen in front of me.’ He’s never going to be there. He’ll know that the Aswang he saw -her son he knows. He’s going to deal with some things now that are difficult. He can’t really and will need to rely on someone for the proof of that. It’s still an emotional challenge for him. Just because he knows he’s dealing with a Wesen story doesn’t change the dynamic for us.”

Hank Griffin is now an equal

Russell Hornsby tells us, “It’s really dealing with the captain’s life is in the balance, Nick has lost his powers, Trubel has become the focal point of the first three to five episodes. So I’m really relying on her to navigate us through these trouble waters. Because Nick lost his powers, so he can’t see. So now it put Nick and Hank on some common ground, even footing. So now, they are both just cops. Adalind is trying to get her baby back. It’s wild and crazy.”

GRIMM2Nick’s Transformation

David Giuntoli doesn’t give us any spoilers. He tells us about his powers, “I don’t get them back yet. I have no clue. So far, no powers.” Sneaky.

Creator Jim Korf tells us about Nick’s powers, “It’s not going to last that long. He’ll get it back this season.”

Juliette goes into a dark place

Bitsie Tulloch dishes a little bit on Juliette’s character, “I’ll tell you this. In the season finale, Juliette just sort of had it. I know she is going into a wedding and she wants to be there for her friend. She also tell him outside, ‘I don’t think I can do this anymore.’ It’s just too much thinking about Adalind having sex with Nick. It’s a lot to take, but that was before he lost his powers. Now that he lost his powers, I think there is probably going to be a slight inclination to think, maybe this isn’t such a bad idea as far as salvaging the relationship is concerned.” GRIMM5

When asked if her character is getting darker, she tells us, “I don’t think it’s just my character who is getting darker. I think the direction of the show is getting darker. In a slightly darker directions. They hired a new DP, this guy Fernando and is lighting it even differently. So you guys will notice some changes as well. Thematically and visually, they want to take it in a darker tone.”

When it came to the future of Nick and Juliette’s relationship, Tulloch tells us, “I think she has been willing to go through this stuff with Nick. The more she knows about it, the better she is at handling it. I think the idea of your boyfriend of years and years sleeping with another woman, even if he didn’t know what he was doing is, is just a mental image she can’t get over.”

With Trubel now being the only Grimm and getting along with Juliette, we may see more interaction between the two. Tulloch adds, “We need Trubel now. He lost his powers and she is living with us anyways. I think Juliette was initially really resistant about her for obvious reasons. Nick had just brought home Adalind and her baby and the mother-in-law a week earlier. Now he’s bringing home a hoodlum? I’m suppose to be okay with this? But David and I always talk about this and how she is like our baby sister we’ve taken under our wings.”

Summing it all up

Mitchell tells us, “It’s not easy for Nick. I don’t know if Juliette has his best interest at heart. She may think she does, but I don’t think she does. Trubel is in trouble. She is getting in over her head. We’re at a lost. Rosalee and Monroe are at a loss at what to do. There is one cool Wesen. The way that Greenwalt put it, ‘it’s a whole identity thief in a new way.”

As for the theories that fans have been expressing: Trubel is Nick’s little sister. The writers squashed that idea instantly, Greenwalt answered, “We answered that question, she asked him ‘Are we related?’ He said somewhere back there.”Barba commented, “All Grimms carry that gene.” Greenwalt adds, “We’re not going to wake up one day and they’re brother and sister. I think. You never know how this show.”

We wanted to know the major themes for this upcoming season, they tell us ‘identity’ is the theme because Nick loses his powers which make up his identity. Korf tells us, “Nick has lost his Grimm identity, so that became a theme over the first few episodes.”

As for the future Wesens we will see, Greenwalt tells us, “We will see a chupacabra this year. We’re excited about.”

Korf tells us, “We have a Persian Wesen coming up based on a Persian fairytale. We have one we just made up – (pronounced Guda-se-sess-sor) – we are going to explain identity theft and dementia. Greenwalt adds, “Literally, he takes your whole identity and you have no idea who you are.”

Korf adds, “We are doing the Jewish golem. We’re trying to draw on everything. We have a Chinese one in the works.” Greenwalt adds, “An East Indian one in the works. Goddess Kali – the bad side. Brazilian.”

What can we expect this season?

Barba commented, “Just more emotional turmoil. The changing dynamics of the relationships – Wu, Nick, Juliette, Rosalee, Monroe – all the dynamics is going to change a bit. So it’s more “who are we and how are we going to survive.”

So much going on this coming season! So much to look forward to!

Grimm returns to NBC on October 24th.

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