Fantastic Four’s Michael B. Jordan will give a ‘fresh take’ on Human Torch


Thor will be a female and Captain America is going to be black. These changes caused many fans to cry foul. One great example of these was when Michael B. Jordan was announced to play Johnny Storm, aka Human Torch, for the upcoming Josh Trank-directed Fantastic Four reboot. (In the comics he was originally white.)

In an interview with Source Magazine, Jordan talked about his reaction to getting the role and many other things.

“Oh man! A huge relief. It was like…walking around knowing that for like a year since me and Josh Trank, we talked about this when he first got the job. It’s something that we tried to make happen. We knew we had a lot of obstacles in the way and a lot of mountains to move but, you know, for whatever reason things just fell into place and … [20th Century] Fox believed in the situation and believed in me and yeah, we got it done. So that’s definitely something that me and Josh [Trank] celebrated at the wrap. We were just like we did it.”

He was mentioned before to play the character, but it wasn’t official until later.

“Not cast, but me and Josh [Trank] … I was his choice. He wanted me to play the role and I wanted to play the role. So it was something that he told me around his birthday about a year and some change ago, right after “Chronicle.” And it was just like cool…let’s try to make this happen.”

He then goes on to describe his experience playing Johnny Storm.

“Yeah man it’s been a lot of fun. Johnny Storm is such an iconic character. There’s a lot of personality traits and things to him that people are really going to look forward to seeing. Got a lot of original Johnny stuff in there and then you have – not a NEW take but a fresh take. We have a different take on different things as well. I could go on and on about it but I think it’s something that people will enjoy.”

Jordan also talks about the advice given to him from Chris Evans, who was Johnny Storm in the previous films.

“Nah. It is a reboot you know, it’s its own thing. It’s its own origins story. I did get a chance to talk to Chris [Evans] about it, I met him at this event and he was basically like, “Man I can’t give you anything.” He said, “You’re great, you’re awesome. Just do your thing. And enjoy it. It’s gonna be fun.” That was just a really cool piece of information, words of encouragement from the guy who killed the role. He really did a really great job and hats off to him with how talented he is cause he’s doing an amazing job with “Captain America.” I really enjoy those films as well so that’s kind of pretty much where that was.”

Fantastic Four hits theaters on June 19, 2015.

Source: Source Magazine

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