Xbox One and Smite: What I want

Smite to xboxGamescom has brought exciting news, well at least exciting for me. Smite, a game near and dear to my heart, will make an appearance on the Xbox One and give the console people another taste of the MOBA genre. With this news I thought to myself, what would it take for me to switch to a console version of Smite? Well not much, but here’s a few ideas. HiRez, take note.

halo-series-hd-remake1. Gods Exclusive to the Xbox

The people at HiRez have done a terrific job of keeping the Champion Gods coming in Smite, so I know they have the talent to make the Xbox version fresh with a new, exclusive God. Maybe a deity from a Microsoft-owned franchise.

sticker,375x360.u12. Cross-platform Play

There seems to be no advantage to playing this game with a keyboard and mouse or a controller, so there is no reason not to pit the two consoles together. The Xbox One is powerful enough for HiRez to keep the updates on par with the computer, so let’s merge the two for a larger audience.

deal-of-the-week3. Cheaper Prices/Still Stay Free to Play

The free-to-play model should carry over to the Xbox version, Microsoft willing, so that it’s not a big worry. Why not give us a little break on the price of the gods. Maybe give out more bundle deals for gold members.

With those three things added to the Xbox version, I jut might have to slide over to the console to get my Smite fix. What do you want to see from Smite on the Xbox One?

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