My first time at Star Trek Las Vegas

I grew up watching Star Trek with my parents, who were both Trekkies. The original series meant so much in my household, and being a fan since birth, I felt bad for not taking my fandom to a complete level of Trekkie status. Sure I had been to the Star Trek Experience in Vegas five times and I still have my video from the traveling show (Yes, VHS! What of it?!), but that all changed when I was preparing to go to Star Trek Las Vegas. I was shocked to find out I had a lot less merchandise to wear to show off my Trekkie love, which made it all the more impressive when I walked into the magical land in Vegas.

Before I could even reach the vendor floor, I was greeted by red shirt zombies as they paraded through the convention. It’s creative and extremely impressive to see such a huge turn out of red shirt hordes.

star trek las vegas

The vendor floor was the stuff of dreams with amazing finds. (My tribble obsession was fed, immensely!) You definitely have to come with an extra pocket change.

star trek las vegas

But that’s not why Trekkies come right? They come for the stars, and the convention delivered just that. The original series was the focus of the first day while Saturday was filled with stars like Karl Urban and Simon Pegg. As for Simon Pegg, he is not to be missed. It’s like sitting at home chatting with your bestie…who happens to be extremely talented and famous. Another highlight was the men and women of JPL discussing how Star Trek inspired their careers. Science fiction inspiring modern day science? Yes, please!

There’s much to fill your time at this convention. Parties, cosplay competitions (I feel could’ve flowed a bit better), and all the fun photo ops you could ever hope for. There was also a Star Trek Wedding. Check out the ring bearer!

star trek las vegas

The better the pass you purchase the more you have access to, but for those on a budget, just being there was fun. Some of the activities I participated in was hanging out at Quarks Bar, singing karaoke and dancing until they roll you out, getting slushies with Trek names (my fav being the black hole), and just being with some amazing people. You will make friends for life here; after all, these are your people.

If you think you are a Trekkie, make the leap and go to the convention. Be amongst the great community that is Star Trek. This Trekkie has put her thruster on overdrive, taking her love to a whole other level! I can’t wait for next year!

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