Hideo Kojima says ‘Silent Hills’ will make players ‘sh*t their pants’

norman reedus silent hills

If you have played the P.T. Interactive Teaser, then you know what’s in store for the upcoming Silent Hills game starring Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead). Video game legend Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid series) and film director Guillermo del Toro (Pacific Rim) are teaming up to give us one scary experience. In fact, Kojima doesn’t even care if you stop playing Silent Hills because it’s too scary.

During Gamescom, he jokes that the game will make players “shit their pants” while also saying that the limited edition will include an extra pair.

There is “no deep meaning into it.” Kojima clarified, “You see all these trailers and teasers, but it is a game so I wanted to have something that was really interactive that you could play through and after playing it, clearing something, you will finally get to the IP or title or whatever it was.”

If you’ve read our experience or have played the interactive teaser yourself, you would know that the last section is one tough area to beat.

“I personally expected this to take at least a week to be solved, and I was really surprised it was less than half a day,” he said. “I wanted people to get together, cooperate,” he added, noting that “there are cryptic messages in different languages.”

Well, a British female gamer was one of the first to beat it while also publicly sharing the video for all to see on the same day as the Gamescom announcement.

Kojima isn’t too worried about gamers shutting down the console because the game’s too scary. He wants it to be the scariest game ever, no matter how it affects the gamers.

“That’s why there’s a limit on how scary you can make a game, but in this case we’re ignoring that. If you don’t want to keep playing through the game, so be it we don’t care,” he said. “That’s the game we’re aiming for. We’re aiming for a game that will make you shit your pants.”

Source: Twitch via Joystiq

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