WWE Network expands to Smart TVs and over 170 countries

desktop-1407175598There’s no doubt that the wrestling entertainment giant WWE has been making a big push for the new WWE Network. The network was launched on February 24th of this year and since then the new brand has amassed over seven hundred thousand subscribers.

Today WWE announced that the WWE Network is now available on Sony TVs as well as Sony Blu-ray players and select home theater systems. On this Friday, the WWE Network app will also go live on Samsung Smart TVs and other Samsung home electronics. With the new expansion, the network is now available in 170 countries and the WWE is offering a new monthly payment options for fans.

Subscribers can now pay $12.99 (U.S. dollars) a month with no commitment and are able to cancel the subscription any time. The price is a slight increase from their original $9.99 a month package that is a lock-in contract for a full year, but fans still get the full service of 24/7 programming and all the live WWE PPV events.

As an avid fan of the years of wrestling past and new, this is some that is a must for me and my family’s household. Hopefully I’ll see you at Summerslam!

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