Working!! (Wagnaria!!) Season 3 announced


At the Working!! and Servant x Service Summer Festa crossover event, it was announced that a 3rd season of Working!! has been approved and will soon be in production. Square Enix’s Shonen Gangan magazine’s September issue will announce that the final volume of the manga will ship in Japan on December 25th.

Working!! follows the story of a high school freshman Sota Takanashi who works part-time at a family restaurant staffed by peculiar characters. While he himself also possesses personality quirks just as unique as the other staff members–such as his blunt, sometimes foot-in-mouth syndrome and crossdressing identity Kotori–some of the other people we meet include Popura, who recruited Sota in the first place; the androphobic Mahiru; the lazy but loyal Kyoko, who used to be a juvenile delinquent; the cheerful Yachiyo, who constantly carries a blade with her; the easygoing Soma who often blackmails others, and much more!

Mangaka Karino Takatsu first began the manga back in 2005. Since then the series has spawned two TV anime series, both of which can be streamed on Crunchyroll, and licensed and released in North America as Wagnaria!! by NIS America.

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