Why ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ being an Xbox One exclusive is a smart move (opinion)


Update: Xbox head Phil Spencer says it will be a timed exclusive.

In an act of sheer brilliance the new Tomb Raider title, Rise of the Tomb Raider, is now exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox One. As we have seen in the past console wars are won and lost with exclusive titles. The more your heart is wrenched out of your chest when you find out that you won’t have access to a game because you chose unwisely to buy a PS4, the more you know it was a phenomenal move to wrap it up as an exclusive.

The dark area of the internets where gamers lurk has been set ablaze with some knee jerk reactions of shortsighted hate and nerd rage. This is exactly what Xbox wanted, whether you like it or not. That feeling of conflict in your belly that you have manufactured into rage is an internal battle. You are angry at the fact that Microsoft has a lock on a game you really want to play and may have just given you the sliver of a desire to buy an Xbox One. The awesome part for Microsoft is that for each one of you out there who are saying, “That’s it.. now I will NEVER buy an Xbox One!” there are going to be three or four people that will in fact buy an Xbox One just to play Tomb Raider. It is rare that an exclusive announcement has garnered this much attention and there are very specific reasons why this hurts so much.

Reason #1

Reason one is that seasoned gamers will remember that Lara Croft is primarily known a “PlayStation” character. Lara was on the Mount Rushmore of classic Sony characters right next to Crash and Parappa the Rapper. To see her go exclusive to the enemy is a kick in the pants to the PlayStation original gangstas.

Reason #2

Reason two you feel so angry is because Crystal Dynamics’ last entry into the Tomb Raider franchise was an amazing game. When a crappy game goes exclusive nobody cares, but when a well-known franchise coming off of one of its best entries goes exclusive, it’s going to sting a little.

Okay, Okay.. I am done trolling you guys, but it’s time to be honest. Crystal Dynamics, despite what many people on the internet are saying, made the best choice for themselves. In a press release statement they said: “Today’s announcement with Microsoft is one step to help us put Tomb Raider on top of action adventure gaming.” The honest reality is that Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics want to be number one, and Sony will never give Lara Croft the same love and attention that they give Nathan Drake. Sony will always promote Tomb Raider as an underling to their very own Uncharted franchise. Xbox has had a need in the action adventure department, and adding Lara Croft next to Master Chief and Marcus Phoenix is a great move.
Don’t kid yourselves: Crystal Dynamics knew that the shit storm was coming, and right now they are hiding under umbrellas made out of pure gold.. compliments of Microsoft.

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