SDCC 2014: SyFy’s Dominion will leave you wanting more


Syfy’s known for having some pretty great and original shows including Dominion. Sure it’s based off of the movie Legion, taking place 25 years after the “extinction war”, but it follows the society and people in it who are surviving in a town called “Vega” which is former Las Vegas. During San Diego Comic-Con 2014, I was lucky enough to spend a little time with members of the cast and dig deeper into not just the story, but to the characters.


When speaking to Anthony Stewart Head, who you might recognize as Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he was asked about his American accent and how difficult it was to pull off which he said he does whatever accent he is required to. Someone then said “Well, we are used to you as Giles.” Head laughed and said, “I know but things have changed. People would just think, ‘Oh there’s Giles,’ then I would have to put glasses on and I would have to take them off and wipe them a lot, and have to drink tea!” He mentioned how he loved this role because he likes playing an asshole like he did in Merlin. 

We also spoke to the lead actor, Christopher Eagan, who plays Sgt. Alex Lannon. His character is the “chosen one” and he was also on this amazing short-lived show called Kings, which also was biblical, and had me asking, “So do you see any similarities between when you were David in Kings where you were thrown in a situation you didn’t expect to be in?” Chris smiled and looked at me stating, “It’s kind of like David on ecstasy. It’s kind of like a grown up version of David, almost. There is that absolute line of the chosen one or messenger. But yeah I don’t know why subconsciously I am attracted to that type of character.”

When I spoke to Roxanne McKee, who plays Claire Riesen, we discussed her character who is the love interest of Sgt. Alex Lannon. She spoke a lot about loving her character’s power and responsibility. When asked what she would do in Claire’s situation, which is to be with the man she loves or to marry someone for the good of the people in Vega, she said she would hope she did the logical thing and picked what was for the greater good. She was actually very insightful and spoke true to what you would expect of her character’s pseudo-princess-like nature. Her charm nearly outmatched her beauty in this interview and gave some great depth to her character which is what the audience wants.

I then spoke to the Archangel himself, Tom Wisdom, who plays Michael, and creator Vaun Wilmott. What we learned from Tom was that Michael is a complex character. we might see more angels, and he hates wearing the harnesses. Vaun was asked a lot about season 2, and where would he go. He did inform us that from day one there were plans already in place for season 2, but it is up to the fans and Syfy to decide if this incredibly awesome show will be renewed. He lastly told us to be ready for some big changes which built some excitement in me and I hope for you as well.

Overall we learned a lot about the people in the show, their characters, the story, and the future of it. I learned that it is filmed in South Africa which with the use of digital technology, have been able to replicate the look and feel of a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas.

You can watch SyFy’s Dominion on Thursday Nights at 9/8 central.


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