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Cheero has recently released a new charger. This isn’t a normal charger, and it looks like it is aiming to please the anime and manga fans, especially those that love of Yotsuba&!. The company has taken the iconic character, Danbo, and turns him into a charger. For those that don’t know what Danbo is, it is a cardboard robot.


The box is beautifully designed with a clear window to see Danbo’s head. They offer two different charge sizes (10,400mAh and 6,000mAh). Both comes with the battery pack, a bag with Danbo’s face, instruction manual, and charger wire. The battery packs have Danbo’s face to represent its head, and beside his face are input and output ports to charge the battery pack and your phone/device. They both have light-up functions. The 6,000mAh has the eyes light up while the 10,400mAh has 5 small lights (20% each) on the side by its eyes. I will be reviewing the 10,400mAh.

Here are a few details about the charger:

Dimensions 117mm (W) x 74mm (D) x 23mm (H)
Battery Lithium-ion battery
Input DC 5 volts/1A Micro USB
charging time
About 11-13 hours
Weight(Body) 258g
Capacity 3.7 volts 10400mAh
Output DC 5 volts/1A, DC 5 volts/2.1A
Usage About 500 times



I tested this out during San Diego Comic-Con. I didn’t know how much charge was left on the battery so I charged the battery pack overnight to prepare. I did notice one thing, it was a bit hot to the touch, but it’s not enough to worry about fire or anything. While running around and enjoying the festivities, I saw I was running low on my phone by late afternoon.

So I took some time off to recharge both myself and the phone. Luckily I came prepared with the charger, and it was fully charged. It had two output ports, so it charged my phone as well as my friends. I was about 38% and I was able to get up to 75%. I didn’t really see how long it took since I let it charge while we ate lunch.

The bag it came with was great to hold everything in. I recharged the pack afterwards for another test. It still has some charge after almost two weeks of no recharging, though it’s at 20% or 1 light remaining as of today.


Final Reaction

This is a great item for those looking to have a battery pack with a high charge capacity and are fans of Yotsuba&!

Rating: 4.5/5 Atoms

NR 4_5 Atoms - A-

You can buy it here.

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