Return of Sierra On-Line

Sierra Games
If you were a PC gamer in the 1980s up into the late 1990s, the name “Sierra On-Line” should be familiar to you. Having created and published many of the legendary games we have now grown up with, Richard Garriott’s Ultima series, Quest for Glory series, King’s Quest series, Police Quest series, Leisure Suit Larry series, Space Quest, and so many others, they were also responsible for the publishing of the hit sci-fi strategy game Homeworld. And the game Half-Life? Yeah, Sierra On-Line published that before Valve became the titan it is known for today. On consoles, Sierra would be known for publishing Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon.

Started by Ken Williams in the late 1970s, it became the vessel which his wife, Roberta Williams, used to create many of the adventure PC games which left a lasting legacy to PC gaming culture, one in particular being King’s Quest. As time went on, they started acquiring more development companies until it became the publishing monster which started churning out various hits. When Sierra’s parent company, Vividendi Universal Games, merged into Activision, Sierra was brought with the move. In 2008, Sierra was closed for possible future sale.

But in a stunning surprise, Activision flipped the switch back on.

What does this mean for the gaming community? We’ll know during Gamescom 2014! If you scour the web you will see a number of fans excited to see what Activision is churning through Sierra. There is a handful of us out there who hope that Roberta Williams has found her muse and come back as the legendary game designer she was once loved for, but whichever the case— I’m excited to see what is going to happen next!

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