Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #1

Doctor Who Cover

As a Whovian that is solidly in the Tenth Doctor camp when it comes to picking my favorite Doctor of all time, I was of course ecstatic to see that I could continue to follow the exploits of David Tennant’s iconic doctor in a five-issue story arc published by Titan Comics.

Now, having read the first issue of this new comic, Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #1, I am reminded again of some of the reasons that I love Tennant’s portrayal of the Doctor, and left in rapt anticipation for what is to come in the remaining four issues.

The issue starts by introducing Gabby Gonzalez and the rest of her family, owners of a New York Laundromat and Mexican restaurant. Gabby wants to expand her horizons and study something she is passionate about, like art and design. But her father wants her to study something “practical” like accounting so she can help the family business. But of course, the daily struggles of mere humans become upended once The Doctor appears.

The first issue remains light on details of what is to come, merely teasing at some potentially interesting battles with an Alien race that may or may not be messing with people’s minds. But more than anything, this issue serves to establish the characters that we will be following over the rest of the arc. The Doctor makes a few brief appearances, and is his usual, charmingly inscrutable self, but sadly, his scenes are little more than extended cameos in this issue.

This also serves highlights the one frustration I have with the television show in general. In many episodes of Doctor Who, the first 10 minutes tend to be the least interesting. We watch characters we’ve never met doing things that seem mundane. And meanwhile strange things are happening in the world around them. But it’s not until the Doctor appears that things really start to pick up. Reading this first issue by itself is a bit like watching the first 10 minutes of a Doctor Who episode, and then hitting the pause button until the next issue comes out. Maybe it’s because we are all spoiled by our binge watching culture, but after I finished the first issue, I couldn’t help but go, “Wait, but what happens next?” To be fair, I guess that’s the point of any serialized comic. Building anticipation and tension over the course of five issues. But as someone who plowed through all of the 9th Doctor’s episodes in a weekend, I’m pretty much the opposite of Amy Pond; I HATE waiting.

Nevertheless, my own hang ups with waiting notwithstanding, I am anxiously anticipating the next four issues of this comic. And much like any good Doctor Who episode, I am certain that as the Doctor takes center stage, the excitement and adventure will only build.  So yes, the waiting will be tough, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what my favorite doctor has in store for his new companion!   

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