SDCC 2014: Regular Show and Steven Universe cast and crew interviews

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At San Diego Comic-Con I got a chance to do a roundtable with the voice actors of Steven Universe as well as the team behind Regular Show. I love the Regular Show and the silliness J.G. Quintel brings to the show about two friends who try to do the least amount of work while having fun. I’ve also been enjoying Steven Universe, so it is definitely fun to meet the actors who bring the series to life.


Deedee Magno (Pearl), Michaela Dietz (Amethyst), Zach Callison (Steven)

Nerd Reactor: Being the first Steven Universe Comic-Con, how has it been seeing the response to the show from the fans?

Michaela Dietz: I had no idea what to expect. This is my first experience voicing a cartoon character. I did one many, many years ago but this is my first time voicing a character and I know these guys are pro at it. I am just enjoying the ride and having such a blast.

Deedee Magno: The scene is amazing. I haven’t had a chance to walk on the floor yet, but I am so excited since the panel is coming up and we get to see the fans of the show. It will be awesome.

Zach Callison: This is my second Comic-Con, and first time on the panel. I am beyond excited. We have the Indigo ballroom which I saw last year, and thinking how big it is and it being filled with fans will be really cool.

Nerd Reactor: Can you guys tease what’s coming in the upcoming episodes?

Michaela and Deedee: Oh goodness no. [laughing]

Deedee: A lot of great things. I think the writers have sent a precedence to keep fans on their toes.

Zach Callison: New stuff.

Nerd Reactor: So how did each of you get into your character?

Deedee: I feel like our characters have evolved since the beginning. We’ve grown into the character and the characters have grown into who we are. We just go in and be that person. Well that is how it is for me. Luckily we are together so the bantering and going back and forth helps.

Zach Callison: The chemistry between us has certainly helped. Getting into the character of Steven, for me it’s about getting the voice first then everything else falls into place. When I do the voice it triggers the character. I have some lines that I did back in the first pilot episode of the original pilot that I can say and get the character into place.

Nerd Reactor: Could you share that line?

Zach Callison: Some are general like, “Hey, I’m Steven.” There was one from the original pilot. It was, “No, you’re the joke,” and the way I did it in the audition I was really happy with it since I was breathing weird during the laugh.

End of Steven Universe interview

Soon after we had a chance to chat with William Salyers, who voices Rigby; Roger Craig Smith, who voices Thomas; and Minty Lewis, who is a storyboard artist as well as the voice actor for Eileen on the Regular Show


William Salyers, Roger Craig Smith, and Minty Lewis

There are quite a few well known voice actors who lend their voices to the series, and one legendary voice actor is Mark Hamill, who does the voice of the immortal Skips. I wanted to know how it was working with all these different voice actors.


Finally to end our roundtable segment we were joined by Regular Show creator and voice of Mordecai, J.G. Quintel, along with Matt Price.

Nerd Reactor: Can you give away anything for the next season?

Matt Price: Everything.

J.G. Quintel: We have a lot of fun stuff coming this season; a new Halloween special which is quite scary and very funny. We also made it a lot more of an emotional season where the characters are going to grow and change a lot. Half hour specials; we also have three Christmas themed episodes, and a Thomas special.

Nerd Reactor: Will Mordecai and Rigby ever listen to Benson?

Matt Price: They come around to it.

J.G. Quintel: I think they realize they should have always listened to him, but it’s really hard in the moment since they always want to discover something else.

There is a lot of gaming in the Regular Show, but it’s always retro gaming. Are you a big gamer?

J.G. Quintel: As a kid, I was crazy into video games. After getting this job I don’t play at all since I don’t have time, which is probably why we reference older games since it’s what we remember, since we never got a chance to play new ones. It just looks funnier to show really crude 8-bit graphics with weird themes.

Nerd Reactor: Funny you mention that since it was the theme of your 3DS game.

J.G. Quintel: Yea. That was really fun to make, to incorporate everything I remembered.

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