High download speeds for gamers more important than ever

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By Sara Schreiner

While there has been much excitement over the Xbox One and PS4, there is one platform that is seeing consistent and even growing popularity, and that is the PC. When consoles like the Xbox and the original Playstation were first released to the market, they were expected to replace the personal computer, but that device has been getting better and better over the years. These days there are even PCs, both laptops and desktops, that are geared specifically towards gaming.

Even computers that aren’t built first and foremost for gamers are being made with processors and graphics chips that allow people to play their favorite games, like BioShock Infinite and Assassin’s Creed on their desktops, rather than their favorite consoles.

PC Games and Hardware Sales Climbing

The death of the PC gaming market is still a story that quite a bit of the media loves to report on, even with mounting evidence to the contrary. One report in particular has shown that not only isn’t PC gaming dying, but it is quite healthy and is even getting healthier. John Peddie Research released a report in July saying the PC gaming hardware market is going to hit a top value of around $21.5 billion by the end of 2014.

So why does the research firm believe that the gaming market is getting stronger? Because the report also says that valuation is going to hit $21.7 billion next year, $22.5 billion in 2016 and will reach a value of $23.1 billion by the end of 2017. The firm claims this means that the PC gaming market is going to be twice the size of the console gaming market.

Reasons Behind This Growth

Peddie believes that the main driving force behind the PC gaming market’s growth is the technology behind the devices. John Peddie, the president of the firm talked to Digital Trends and talked about the power of the CPUs and GPUs of today’s personal computers. Nvidia, Intel, and AMD have enthusiast CPUs and GPUs that are so powerful, when combined with SSD’s and fast memory they absolutely trounce the computing power and gaming capabilities of the newest console generation.” Peddie said.

The more powerful tech is certainly a big factor but it also isn’t anywhere near the only one. Getting a PC game has become easier than ever before, thanks in large part to higher Internet speeds and tools that are geared specifically towards faster downloads. When the world is trying to purchase games using modem connections, downloads would take hours, if not an entire day. In large part, downloading games like BioShock were simply not something that people did.

Now, most homes employ broadband and high speed Internet. Download speeds are already fairly quick thanks to these connections. Using tools that can actually increase the speeds even more make getting these games that much more attractive.

Online Game Stores

Online game stores such as GOG.com and more impressively, Steam, have managed to increase the interest in PC gaming far beyond what it was ever before. Steam in particular, has managed to nearly corner the market in the PC gaming world thanks to its huge library of high end and independent games and software. Steam has become so popular and such a force in the PC gaming world that it saw a new high of more than eight million gamers online and using the service at the same time on June 29. That might have been a new milestone for the service, but it likely won’t hold for all that long.

Steam has become such a popular way of buying, downloading (the only way to get games through the service) and playing games that other companies are trying their hands at their own store front. Electronic Arts, a gaming company that has a large interest in console gaming has also launched a service called Origin, a Steam-like service that allows people to purchase, download and play EA games on their PCs.

Console gaming is certainly gaining popularity every day, but the claims that it is killing PC gaming along the way are simply false and should stop.

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